Published by Ronald Gray on April 19, 2017

A galaxy in the making: Star Wars theme parks

One of the world’s largest media franchises (second only to Pokemon and ahead of both Harry Potter and James Bond), Star Wars has transcended way beyond its cinematic origins. This US$42-billion (as of December 2015) entertainment empire has amassed plenty of tie-in projects, which include merchandise items, graphic novels, books, and even video games.  There is no limit as to which platforms the franchise can foray into, owing to its very special place in popular culture.



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Ever since the 1970s, the Star Wars movies have been bringing the world by storm. They are hailed as one of the most watched films of all time in almost all markets. That is because of the impeccable story line, the unforgettable acting, and of course the larger-than-life special effects. They have captivated the hearts of not only children but almost every other age group as well. It also makes people want to become Jedis. Let’s face it, there is nothing cooler than using lightsabers and the Force. Now, Disney is going to take the entire experience a step further by allowing fans to immerse themselves in the subculture.


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In the Star Wars Celebration 2017, Disney Imagineers and Lucasfilm employees has broken to the public their plans to open a Star Wars themed park named Star Wars Land in 2019. It will be one of the many irresistible attractions in Disney World California and Disney World Florida. As a matter of fact, at 14 acres, it will become the largest single-themed expansion in the entire history of Disney.



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There is even news that there will be a luxury starship resort. Once finished, the wall decorations and roof ornaments will certainly make visitors feel like they are in a whole new dimension. To ensure that they are on the right track, the company has sent out surveys to guests regarding their interest in the spaceship-inspired project. The whole park will become available to the public the same time as opening night for Star Wars Episode 9.

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