Published by Ronald Gray on April 6, 2018

Who has the best advantages when investing in offshore mutual funds?

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There are different types of investment vehicles out there but there’s one practical and smarter option that has caught the attention of both new and seasoned investors today: through offshore mutual funds.

Investing in offshore mutual funds means pooling your money together with like-minded investors and putting it in the trust of a professional wealth manager based in an offshore location. There’s a long list of the top offshore financial companies in the world (such as LOM Financial in Bermuda) now but, the more important question to ask is, who can benefit the most from offshore mutual fund investing?

First of all, investors who want to take part in an extremely larger investment portfolio but with limited financial resources are one of the main benefactors of an offshore mutual fund option. Why? To be a part owner of such massive portfolio, this investment vehicle allows them to diversify their own portfolio while only investing relatively lower capital.

In other words, an offshore mutual fund can be an option for people who want to diversify their portfolio and at the same time, take part in a successfully executed investment scheme made up of several global companies. Additionally, since offshore mutual funds are operated in tax-efficient countries, investors from high-tax nations have the most advantage when opting for this investment option. This is one of the reasons why in the world’s most popular offshore financial centers like in Caribbean region (particularly the Cayman Islands), many individual investors are from developed countries.

Since the operations are done offshore, their home countries’ tax laws are already beyond their jurisdiction. While this can be seen as a major advantage, it’s important to remember that the difference in tax regulations and tailored policies can also expose you to scams and frauds.


Published by Ronald Gray on March 23, 2018

The Cayman Islands: A look into the financial powerhouse’s foreign relations

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The Cayman Island is home to the world’s most trusted offshore financial services industry today, and while it’s usually seen as a three-island nation located in the Western part of the Caribbean, it’s actually one of the many British overseas territories. In other words, the Cayman Islands is not only under British jurisdiction but also under the kingdom’s sovereignty. This factor determines how the nation interacts with other countries and how they build relations with foreign partners globally.

This means that most of the foreign interactions of the Cayman Islands are primarily overseen by the United Kingdom. However, the country does enjoy a level of autonomy and has the freedom to negotiate and form agreements with other foreign governments in terms of issue resolutions or international disputes. Regardless, its status as an overseas territory limits them from participating and assigning delegates to international communities and other organizations such as the United Nations.

However, due to its role as a leading offshore financial center in the world (it is home to international financial institutions such as LOM Financial), the Cayman Islands is one of the key members of the Central Development Bank. Other affiliations include being an associate member of UNESCO and Caricom, a full member of the International Olympic Committee, and also a participation in a sub-bureau of the International Police.

In the past, the islands have been friendly partners to Jamaica and Britain, but recent developments centered on the finance and tourism industry have resulted into forming a major reliance and partnership with two Western powers: the United States and Canada.

Although there are no American diplomatic offices located in the islands, the Cayman is a part of the US embassy-administered consular district in Jamaica. Moreover, consular agencies are present in the nation’s largest island, the Grand Cayman, catering to American citizens.


Published by Ronald Gray on January 5, 2018

Emerging real estate hotspots in the developing world

The real estate market has had its fair share of booms and busts and for many experts, the industry should expect a new list of rising locations that will soon top the charts of the up-and-coming property hot spots outside of the developed world.

After the price stagnations experienced by some of the top real estate hubs in the West, many investors are seeking refuge in the promising markets of the developing countries, taking on additional risks while confidently hoping for long-term price appreciation.

Here are some of the cities with the most attractive property markets today:


  1. Jakarta, Indonesia
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Indonesia may be a relatively small country but its 260-M population is driving an unprecedented growth in foreign investment, specifically in the real estate market.

The center of the expected boom in property investment is in Jakarta, the country’s rising superstar that is currently experiencing a surge in development. Furthermore, it’s an ideal feeder market to major economic hubs like Malaysia and Singapore.


  1. Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
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Vietnam is considered as one of the fastest growing nations in the Southeast Asian region, with an expected GDP growth of approximately 6.5% in 2020. Most experts agree that the country’s economic growth can be credited to its growing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Even if Vietnam only recently opened up the country’s property market to foreign investors, the move has delivered impressive results and further encouraged fast economic growth, thanks to the government’s effort s to promote low entry costs and favorable policies to investors.


  1. Mexico City, Mexico
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The Mexican city has been an important economic gateway to Latin America and its emerging economy has caught the attention of many big investors in and outside the country.

Thanks to Mexico City government’s efforts for redevelopment and the support of its middle class, the city is being transformed one neighborhood at a time.  Furthermore, experts are looking at the city’s full range of property prices that are especially attractive to both small and big investors.

Published by Ronald Gray on November 17, 2017

Three underrated retirement destinations that deserve your attention

Preparing for retirement involves a lot of careful planning and wise decision making. Aside from securing a sturdy financial safety net during your golden years, there’s one important aspect that everyone seems to ignore: finding the best place to retire.

If you want to find the perfect destination to spend the rest of your golden years, what are the things that you should keep in mind? To answer this question, let us take a look at some of the best cities in the world to retire.


  1. George Town (Malaysia)
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George Town is the capital city of Penang and has a lot to offer especially for Western expats and retirees who love food and culture. Unlike Kuala Lumpur, this Malaysian gem is one of the most underrated retirement destinations in Asia.

The city boasts an attractive medical care to its residents and the cost of living is quiet reasonable for a smaller Malaysian locale. Plus, the region offers excellent culinary experience at affordable prices. Most importantly, English is widely spoken and it considered a second language for a higher percentage of its population.


  1. Mazatlán (Mexico)
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This retirement haven in Mexico is known as the most popular North American expat community for a reason. It’s a paradise set on a Pacific coast with a long list of historical attractions. Its food are one of the best in the region and it also has its own international airport. The best perk in living in Mazatlán especially for retirees is their warm and tropical climate.


  1. Valletta (Malta)
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This small Mediterranean city is ranked second in the Live and Invest Overseas in 2016. It is located north of the Northern African coast and south of Sicily. It’s also easy to qualify for residency in Valletta and one way is to rent a property (apartment or any residential) as long as it meets a certain threshold.