Published by Ronald Gray on December 20, 2017

How economically and environmentally beneficial are smart cities?

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While most modern cities have gracefully responded to the challenges created by the growing global population, some are still left behind to depend on their old and aging metropolises – and their limited resources coupled with shrinking government budgets are not really helping.

The truth is, the answers to the modern challenges that every country faces today need an equally modern solution. However, the world doesn’t need improved cities – it needs smarter urban spaces; it needs smart cities.

In definition, a smart city is where investments in modern and technology-driven infrastructure are prioritized to enable a more sustainable economic growth. In addition, smart cities offer a higher quality of life, better management of natural resources and strong reliance in its human and social capital.

At present, many smart cities have proven their economic and environmental advantages and the world is slowly envisioning a future inspired by the definition of this digital urban jungle.

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Growing smart cities offer a healthier and more open economy for everyone, thanks to a more accessible digital infrastructure, removing barriers for many companies and private individuals to innovate, invest and create more jobs and opportunities.

Efficiency is one of the the key features that smart cities offer, thanks to well-designed digital tools that not only created to improve services but also find ways that offer low-cost yet high-quality services for its residents.

A smart city’s measure of success is based on how it can effectively save limited resources like water and energy without compromising the residents’ quality of life. In fact, this ability to be “smarter” about how they utilize their resources make them the answer to the uncertainties of the future.

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