Published by Ronald Gray on May 8, 2018

Innovation and influence: Three tech giants transforming the world

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The only constant thing in life is change – but these changes will never be possible without agents in the form of people, organizations, and even movements that have the power to transform the world one step at a time. Technology, for instance, gave rise to the different tech companies today. Most of them have served as agents of revolutions and transformations and have continuously changing the world one innovation at a time. Understandably, they are among the world’s most valuable companies and a staple to many investment machines including discretionary portfolios, offshore mutual funds, and UITFs.

Here are the most important tech companies of today and how their influence and innovations have shaped the future:

Microsoft ($89 Billion in revenue, based on 2017 data)

Microsoft has been the world’s top tech company for years and it continues to lead global industries into the future. According to Thomson Reuters’ latest ranking, the tech giant easily bagged the top place as the industry’s overall leader in terms of financial success, investor confidence, innovation and many more.

Amazon ($177 Billion in revenue, based on 2017 data)

American tech company, Amazon, is a global innovator in e-commerce, retail, and AI. For decades, it has shaped the retail industry, online and offline, with the company’s online shopping platform and their latest introduction of the cashier-less convenience stores. Moreover, it is now an emerging contender in artificial intelligence technology through their latest AI software, Alexa.

Google ($109 Billion in revenue, based on 2017 data)

Founded in 1998, Google has grown from an ambitious research project to a dominant technology giant. Aside from being the most popular search engine in the world, Google has introduced other major innovations and business models such as cloud computing, maps and navigation software, and even autonomous driving technology.

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