Published by Ronald Gray on May 30, 2018

Leading stock exchanges of the world’s fastest-growing economies

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There are several indicators that demonstrate a country’s economic strength but one of the most important is their stock market’s overall performance.  While the role of a nation’s stock market exchange can sometimes be underrated, experts can agree that its impact on economic and market growth especially for developing economies should not be overlooked.

According to the latest World Economic Outlook report from the IMF, the list of the world’s fastest-growing economies are led by several nations from the developing world and it includes Bhutan. Ghana, and India.

Let’s take a look at their corresponding stock exchanges that have helped these countries rise in the rankings:

Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan (RSEB)

As the only stock exchange in the country, it’s also the world’s smallest market. It was officially opened for trading in 1993 as a non-profit organization managed by the country’s Royal Monetary Authority (RMA). Currently, the stock exchange is composed of over 62,000 shareholders, and 21 listed companies—boasting a market capitalization of over $370 million (as of 2015).

Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE)

Ghana’s stock market has a current market capitalization of $20.17 billion, supporting 42 equities and 2 corporate bonds. It was initially founded in 1989 as a private company. A year later, it was finally recognized as an official stock exchange. According to GSE’s history, it took two decades of planning before the exchange and its policies were finally implemented.

National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)

The NSE was founded in 1992 and is housed in Mumbai – and it was the first modern exchange in the country. Currently, it has a market capitalization of over $2.27 trillion and has ranked 11th of the world’s largest stock exchanges (according to 2018 data).

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