Published by Ronald Gray on May 16, 2017

Three social housing projects that defied design conventions

Several social housing programs have been established to provide affordable rental homes to low-income families around the world. In the US for instance, approximately 1.2 million families benefit from the thousands of government housing units peppered throughout the country.

Housing units may come in different shapes and sizes but most of the time, these buildings aren’t exactly that architecturally and aesthetically impressive. However, many developers around the globe agree that affordable housing design doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, high-quality design juxtaposed with affordability is very much possible.

Here are some of the world’s most impressive social housing projects that will leave you speechless:


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Honeycomb Apartments

This honeycomb-shaped social housing project is located in Slovenia. It’s composed of 60 apartment units and was completed in 2006. According to the design firm OFIS, the buildings were created to be flexible, with no structural elements inside them, providing more layout choices and instant reorganization.

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Mirador Housing Project

Located in Madrid, Spain, this social housing structure is composed of a mini-neighborhood arranged vertically around a semi-public sky-plaza. The designer, MVRDV, successfully used light, color and an innovative circulation to create dynamically beautiful yet affordable 165-unit building.

Thanks to the Empresa Municipal de la Viviedna y Suelo de Madrid, the project was funded and completed in 2005.

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Savonnerie Heymans

This housing project is located in Belgium and was a site of a former soap factory. Designed by MDW Architecture, the building is composed of sustainable accommodations ranging from studios to even several 6-bedroom apartments.

In addition, the design and structure of this project provide effective acoustical and thermal barrier in all its 42 units. You can also find public and outdoor spaces like the “mini forest” and a 3D landscaped park.


Low-cost housing developments are a rapidly growing segment of the real estate industry, both in developed countries and emerging markets. Especially with these types of design revolutions, which apparently do not compromise quality and budget, they are increasingly attractive to home buyers, investors, and even expatriates. The business is set boom in the next couple of years.

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